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Advancements in vision correction
What is LASIK?

Lasik Surgery an acronym for Laser In situ Keratomileusis.

It is also called laser vision correction for vison problem. In simple words it is actually reshaping the cornea with the use of a laser. Lasik surgery helps in correcting refractive errors like Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. Painless procedure and quick recovery is making Lasik more popular in India.

Symptoms For LASIK

- Blurry Vision

- Difficulty seeing at night

- Eye strain and fatigue

- Squinting

- Double vision (diplopia)

- Eye discomfort or irritation

Diagnosis And Treatment Methods For LASIK


A comprehensive eye exam evaluates visual acuity, refractive error, corneal shape and thickness, pupil size, tear film quality, and eye health to diagnose LASIK surgery. The patient is assessed for procedure candidacy and informed of risks and benefits throughout this full evaluation. By carefully analyzing medical history and expectations, eye care experts can customize LASIK surgical recommendations to achieve ideal visual outcomes.

Treatment Method:

Following are the methods and steps for LASIK:
1. Pre-operative Evaluation
2. Creation of Corneal Flap
3. Corneal Reshaping with Excimer Laser
4. Corneal Flap Replacement
5. Post-operative Care:

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Dr. Anagha Heroor

Cataract, Glaucoma and Refractive Surgeon, Managing Director - Anil Eye Hospital

Dr Anagha Heroor is the Managing Director of Anil Eye Hospital Group – Dombivli, Palava, Kalyan, and Thane. She is a well-known and one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in India known for her immense ophthalmological work over the past three decades.

Dr. Deepali Singhal

Medical Director and Chief Consultant

Dr Deepali Singhal, is the co- founder and medical director of Anil Eye Hospital, Thane. She was awarded the Dr Bodhraj Sabharwal Gold Medal for the best postgraduate student in ophthalmology in 2016 at AIIMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery to remove the spectacle number. It stands for Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis. This means to change the shape of the cornea by means of laser to correct your refractive error.

Laser vision correction options for these refractive errors include laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK), FEMTOSECOND LASIK, ReLEx SMILE Lasik, Transepithelial or touch-less PRK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).

Both surgeries have similar visual outcome. PRK surgery is a great option for patients like those with borderline thin corneas or those who are in contact sports or defense services. In terms of corneal strength after surgery, PRK is better. The basic difference is the recovery time which is needed in PRK for healing of the front layer or epithelium. In LASIK, since the flap is placed back, you will get good vision and you are very comfortable from next day only. The advantages of PRK that it is a flapless procedure, so very safe for sports persons, military and has no risk of flap related problems in case of eye trauma. PRK can also be used safely if your corneal thickness is lightly less than normal because it allows us to preserve more corneal tissue than LASIK. Chances of dry eye is also much less in PRK than LASIK surgery because flap is not made here.  Your eye doctor, cornea specialist can guide you regarding which procedure will be best for you.

LASIK is the safest ocular surgery much safer than even cataract surgery. It has a success rate of more than 98%. The risk of any complications is 1 in 1000 patients. Here at Anil Eye hospital in last 50 years of experience we have done more than … surgeries and we are prepared to manage any complication if occurs.

Now, with the latest technology available at Anil Eye Hospital that is the Schwind platform, this first step of the epithelium removal can be done easily with laser only and it becomes a touch less procedure. So, this helps in early healing within 3 days and reduces pain and discomfort with maximum safety.

It is done to correct common refractive errors like myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia.

The most common refractive error causing vision problem is near-sightedness or myopia. This condition leads to blurry vision for far away objects, while near vision is normal.

Astigmatism is another condition where you will be prescribed cylindrical number correction in your glasses. This happens when your cornea or lens is curved more in one direction or axis as compared to the other. Hence, images that you see will be blurred both for far and near. Hypermetropia is also called as far-sightedness where your vision will be blurry for near more and you will often experience headache and eye strain even for far looking objects.

These refractive errors can be corrected by other measures also like eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, you become dependent on glasses for a clear vision and daily use and maintenance of contact lenses becomes difficult.  LASIK eye surgery provides you a wonderful option of enjoying the freedom and reducing dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

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