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Why Lasik At Anil Eye Hospital?

Anil Eye Hospital takes pride to be 1 st Eye Hospital in Dombivali to have most advanced Lasik –Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction (FLEx), which is complete bladeless surgery technique used for refractive surgery. Many people from Kalyan, Dombivali and surrounding areas have chosen us for their refractive surgery. The glasses removal surgery at Anil Eye Hospital is equipped with the
MEL 80 excimer laser by Carl Zeiss and Femto Second Laser System most up-to-date and efficient technology available enabling extremely safe and precise correction. The surgery is performed by highly qualified and well trained Lasik Surgeons.

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What Is Lasik?

Lasik Surgery an acronym for Laser In situ Keratomileusis. It is also called laser vision correction for vison problem. In simple words it is actually reshaping the cornea with the use of a laser. Lasik surgery helps in correcting refractive errors like Myopia, Hyperopia, and
Astigmatism. Painless procedure and quick recovery is making Lasik more popular in India.

This Advanced Technology has helped many people to get rid of glasses and have clear vision.

It is done to treat following refractive errors:

Is LASIK Surgery Safe?

Lasik surgery is always safe provided you undergo Pre Lasik work up. To know whether your eyes are fit to go for Lasik a detailed eye evaluation is performed which is a structured examination of Corneal thickness, Curvature of Cornea, Tear films, and Retina.

Technologies available at Anil Eye Hospital

Pentacam Analyzer

Femtosecond LASIK

Touchless/ Transepithelial PRK

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Other Benefits Of Lasik At A Glance

Faster & more accurate than any other laser, leading to least possible exposure of the eye minimizing undesired side-effects and enhancing regeneration and recovery.

 Linked to the corneal topographer & aberrometer enabling individualized treatment.

 The small spot size of the laser beam of 0.7 mm permits the finest corneal corrections of unsurpassed quality-accurate, smooth and gentle treatment.

 Any pupil movement is instantaneously detected and dynamically compensated during laser correction by the ultrafast active MEL 80 eyetracker which eliminates the risk of misplaced treatment. 

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Femtosecond Laser LASIK

How LASIK Surgery is Done?

Femtosecond Laser LASIK

Intralapse Lasik Surgery

Importance of pre lasik-work up

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Dr. Anagha Heroor

Cataract, Glaucoma and Refractive Surgeon, Managing Director - Anil Eye Hospital

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Medical Director and Chief Consultant

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