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The onset of summer is marked with varied eye problems like burning, itching, dryness, to name a few. Allergic conjunctivitis needs emphasis as it’s a common seasonal problem affecting a variety of segments. From students to bike riders, teenagers to professionals engaged in work from home, allergic conjunctivitis brings forth watering, burning,gritty sensation, itching, dryness and redness of the eye. Although mostly an allergic phenomenon, redness can also be attributed to infections, hence the onset of symptoms must be consulted to by an eye specialist.
However here is what you can also do to avoid it:
1.Cold compresses twice a day for atleast five minutes.
2.Use of sunglasses when exposed to sun.
3.Adequate hydration.
4.Balanced diet with emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables.
5. Use of lubricating eyedrops to avoid dryness and providing a soothing feeling but
avoid self medication at all costs
6.Taking frequent breaks from digital screens.
7.Avoid draft of cold air directly on the face while reading digital screens and or while
driving or by wearing a helmet while riding.
8.Avoid cosmetics as humid climates cause forehead sweating and a mixture of
sweat and facial cosmetics can get in the eyes to cause allergic reactions and or
burning sensation
9.Avoid contact lenses.
10.Avoid dust.
11.Never instill any fluids in the eyes which are not pharmacologically tested for
example, Gulab jaal.
Remember to stay vigilant, and seek help when the eye calls.


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