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Instructions to Contact lens Users

Dispensing premium contact lenses like soft toric, cosmetic and therapeutic lenses for keratoconus.

Instructions to Contact lens Users

 If you are a first time user, start wearing the Contact Lens for a shorter time then slowly increase the period e.g. 1hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs & so on.

 Eventually you can wear the Contact Lens for almost 10-12 hours at a stretch.

 Do not sleep, swim or bath with Contact Lens on the eye.

 Wash your hands with soap & water each time you insert or remove the Contact Lens.

 Place the Contact Lens in the Lens-Case. The right eye Contact Lens in the case marked ‘R’ & Left eye ‘L’ side respectively.

 Trim the nails of both your hands as you may injure the cornea while inserting or removing the Contact Lens from the eye.

 Always clean & immerse the Contact Lens in the Contact Lens solution daily, never in the tap water or boiled water.

 Never keep the Contact Lens dry in the Lens Case.

 While closing the Lens Case take care that the edge of the lens is not caught in the edge of the case.

 Always change the Contact lens solution in the case daily even if you are not using the contact lens daily.

 Clean the Contact Lens case with a mild liquid detergent once a week.

 Whenever the eye is red or you feel something has entered the eye please remove the contact lens immediately and consult your doctor.

 Always carry your lens case and small bottle of contact lens solution with you so that you can place the contact lens in the case if you need to remove it.

 Change the contact lens once every year.

 Consult your doctor immediately in case of redness of eyes, pricking sensation, pain or blurred vision.

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