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What are floaters?

Floaters are spots in your vision which look like black or grey clumps or strings that drift across the eye. They move with the eye movements and are more best online casino South Africa obvious when looking at a bright background like clear sky or a blank wall.

What an eye floater look like?

It can be of different shapes and sizes. People describe it as a cobweb or a mosquito flying as they move their eyes.

What causes eye floaters?

Mostly they are caused by the age related changes that occur as the jelly like substance (vitreous humour) inside the eye  becomes more liquid. The microscopic fibres in vitreous clumps, and they cast a shadow on retina which are seen as floaters.

Other important cause is retinal thinning ie Lattice degeneration, Retinal hole/Tear.

Are floaters serious?

Floaters are very common and don’t require treatment if its due to age related changes but if you have many floaters associated with flashes in front of eyes then you need to consult an eye specialist as it can be a sign of Retinal Detachment.

Do floaters go away?

Floaters don’t disappear but they move out of your field of view or become less bothersome with time. Sometimes the best treatment is to Ignore them

Can floaters blur vision?

Floaters can cause a disturbed or cloudy vision but in most cases they fade with time and you ll get used to them.

How do you treat floaters?

There are 2 treatments usually, either a surgeon can use a laser to break up the protein clumps in the jelly or remove it with the help of vitrectomy surgery. However it is uncommon to treat floaters with surgery.  

In case of Lattice degeneration or retinal tear or hole we do barrage laser.

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