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How Long Does Femto LASIK Last?


The procedure of Femto LASIK has become a popular orbital therapy which has opened fresh perspectives for millions of people around the globe. A frequently asked question among candidates is, “How long does the Femto LASIK procedure last??” What follows is the detailed explanation of how long the results of the procedure last and the possible factors that may affect its duration and what people can do to maintain maximum effects from the procedure is also revealed. To get more details about best lasik eye surgery, get in touch with best eye specialist in thane.


How Long Does Femto LASIK Last?

Understanding Femto LASIK:

Femto LASIK, Femtosecond multi-pulse laser ablation, is the LASIK variation for vision correction intended to treat focusing defects as well as astigmatism. A femtosecond laser is used to cut a thin flap in the cornea, which then is lifted to allow the reshaping of the cornea by an excimer laser; both of them stay underneath the cornea and never reach the outer surface. The swapped out valve is then helped to stick again, without the use of stitches.

Duration of Results:

The lasting outcome of Femto LASIK is such that with the newly reshaped cornea, it is believed to maintain its new curvature in perpetuity. On the other hand, one needs to recall that even though the operation may be handy in rectifying refractive errors, it doesn’t protect you against further visual changes later in life, such as presbyopia and difficulty focusing on objects lying close by.


Factors Affecting Longevity:

Several factors can affect how long the results of Femto LASIK last, including:

1. Age: The younger patients have more stable vision which is mainly due to natural stabilization of the eye, and the elderly may undergo metabolic changes effecting vision.

2. Refractive Stability: Stable refraction patients often bring along a higher likelihood of countering their results preservation. Meanwhile, unstable refractive errors take a greater chance of not retaining the results.

3. Eye Health: The positive aspect is that people with good vision prior to Femto LASIK will likely stay in good vision after the procedure, as opposed to those who have already existing eye conditions.

4. Lifestyle Factors: Certain lifestyle factors, such as smoking and excessive sun exposure, can affect the longevity of the procedure.
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Maximizing Results:

While the results of Femto LASIK are considered permanent, there are steps patients can take to maximize the longevity of the procedure:

1. Follow-Up Care: Always be ware to go for any scheduled check-up in your best eye hospital in kalyan to check if your eyes are healing as expected. 

2. Protect Your Eyes: In addition to wearing sunscreen and protective covering for your face, eye protection is also crucial. Therefore, wear sunglasses and goggles as recommended for protection of your eyes from UV rays and injury.

3. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: Rubbing your eyes, despite it being a very tempting step in sight recovery, increases the odds for the flap dislocations and bad outcomes.

4. Maintain Overall Eye Health: Eat a balanced diet; regularly exercise and do not smoke so as to have a healthy and normal eye.
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The FEMTO LASIK is a safe and a reliable procedure for resolving refractive errors and this also involves improving the quality of the vision. The outturn of femto LASIK surgery is regarded being forever, but the patients should however be made to understand that there might be age-related changes in obscurity that will be happening later on in life. Thanks to the guidance of their eye specialist doctor and practicing good eye health habits, individuals will be able to maximize the long lasting performance of their LASIK surgery and hence the perfect vision will be theirs for a couple of years. 

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