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LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery to remove the spectacle number. It stands for Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis. This means to change the shape of the cornea by means of laser to correct your refractive error.

An excimer laser permanently alters the cornea’s shape. First, a mechanical microkeratome or femtosecond laser cuts a corneal flap. This flap is hinged. Folding back the flap reveals the cornea’s stroma. The flap is replaced after computer-controlled excimer laser pulses vaporise stroma.
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is another laser procedure. This treatment requires simply excimer laser. We remove your cornea’s epithelium and restructure it with an excimer laser. A bunt tool or motorised brush can remove epithelium manually. After this phase, your vision clears in 4-5 days. With the latest Schwind platform technology, this first phase epithelium removal can be done effortlessly and touchlessly with laser. Thus, this accelerates recovery within 3 days and significantly lowers pain and discomfort.


Who is benefited with LASIK?

LASIK or PRK can remove faraway glasses.
Contact lens wearers can avoid daily insertion and removal, infection prevention, dry eye, and allergy with LASIK.
If glasses lower your self-esteem or you wish to look better without them, this surgery can help.
Cricket, football, and swimming make wearing glasses difficult for active people. Since LASIK eliminates glasses, they benefit.
3-4D makes daily tasks hard without glasses. LASIK can eliminate glasses and improve your quality of life when your refractive error increases.
PRK enables non-glasses-wearers pass railway, defence, and engineering government employment medical tests. Schwind Amaris trans epithelial PRK is best. The Ministry of Defence allows LASIK after 20 and 6/6 vision.

Clear Vision after LASIK

Why should you go for LASIK?

LASIK surgery helps you to be free form glasses and reduces your dependency on them.

You can easily play sports and swim without the need of glasses.

You can easily walk in rain without worrying about cleaning your glasses again and again.

Is LASIK safe?

Cataract surgery is riskier than LASIK. Its success rate exceeds 98%. 1 in 1000 patients develop complications. We have performed over… operations at Anil Eye Hospital and can handle any complications.
Do I lose power? Will it happen again?
Our laser machines cost 4 crores and are developed by efficient engineers. The German-made Schwind platform from Schwind eye-tech solutions treats eyes by shape and number with a precision laser. Thus, it corrects your full number with above 98% accuracy. If a residual number remains after 6 months, we can re-evaluate and treat it by raising the flap or undergoing PRK. This can eliminate spectacles.
Laser surgery corrects your number by reshaping your cornea. Length and shape determine eye numbers. To be safe, we only operate while your number is stable, meaning your eye length is not changing. Even after stability, eye length can vary (1 in 10,000). Our latest technology can fix all these issues.

Laser vision correction.

Who is eligible for LASIK?

>18-year-olds with stable refraction with <0.5D change in recent year
LASIK FDA approval: Refractive error from +4D to -10D sphere and 4D cylinder. US FDA-approved
PRK FDA approval: +4D to -6D sphere and 4D cylinder.
Not pregnant/nursing or planning to conceive within a year
No autoimmunity
corneal tomography

You require a full eye exam to determine LASIK eligibility. Avoid contact lenses 10-14 days before LASIK workup. We examine your tea film, cornea, lens, and retina to determine your refractive error. Tomography is used to assess cornea shape and thickness. For surgery planning, we measure eye length, pupil size, and corneal diameter.
A cornea specialist must analyse these thorough eye scans before LASIK surgery. Anil Eye Hospital performs all these examinations and offers the best glasses removal technologies.

Human eye structure

Newest technology: Schwind touchless and bladeless

Lasers are available at Anil Eye Hospital. LASIK or PRK can perfectly remove your glasses. Schwind Amaris excels at personalised eye laser treatment. Over 3 million treatments have been done worldwide. 500 Hz repetition rate and 5D eye tracking make the SCHWIND AMARIS 500E a fast, precise refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery laser system. The 0.54 mm laser spot improves this device’s corneal modelling. 5D eye motion tracking focuses the laser beam and compensates for eye movement.
Individual cornea topography maps are shown. Laser treatment must differ by eye. This device customises laser treatment to your eye’s topography and treats higher-order disorders. Some machines call this corneal wavefront therapy or Contoura.
Schwind platforms treat ocular wavefront.
Thus, we can optimise the laser for your eyes.
This platform offers trans epithelial PRK/SmartSurfACE. No corneal flap makes this therapy the safest for athletes and other active persons. The latest excimer laser technology eliminates the epithelium and reshapes the cornea to correct refractive defect without touching or flapping the eye. Eliminates epithelium removal and ocular alcohol usage. This enhances patient comfort and speeds healing and sight recovery within 3 days. PRK is biomechanically safe. Trans epithelial PRK improves safety and efficacy.

Laser Operation Room

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