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Today on the occasion of women’s day, I would like to highlight a few universal eyecare aspects which are women-specific.
Diet, exercise, self-care seldom find priority in a woman’s life. Yearly eye checkups must be an integral part of ones life to rule out refractive errors or any eye diseases. VitA rich foods like papaya, carrots, tomato, green veggies, mango, milk, eggs, chicken should be an integral part of the diet. For vegetarians or vegans, Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are a must(adequate in fish for nonvegetarians), which are equally good for eyes, hair, skin, and heart. In general, Diabetes and HTN, need to be ruled out as it leads to plenty of eye disorders; but in women, an additional risk factor is Thyroid disorder; which leads to severe dry eye, dull eye movements, eye fatigue in addition to other body symptoms.
A common query is asked about under-eye dark circles. Its usually hereditary but aggravated due to stress, lack of sleep especially seen in nursing mothers and women with the new norm of working from home. A disciplined lifestyle with adequate rest and the use of cold compress/ commercially available eye bags can help in controlling the problem. Also face yoga, pranayam, regular yoga can keep stress, Migraine, and multiple other problems in control but along with regular advised medications. It’s disheartening to note poor acceptance for prescribed glasses amongst women. A refractive error is considered by many as a sign of aging and many put off the use of glasses .A world without sharpness and detail is bleak, what better tool than wearing glasses.
There is nothing to feel shy or embarrassed about it. Accept glasses; but avoid constant contact lens use, as contact lenses invite their own set of problems. For housewives, women working from home, or otherwise if you have glasses for distance and near or presbyopic glasses, digital progressive glasses will make your life easier. There is an option of undergoing LASIK, ICL or other surgeries for getting rid of glasses, contact lenses, and enjoying a hassle-free life but with few essential prerequisites. So women aspiring for defense services, aviation, modeling, or entertainment industry need not fear. Also, girls of marriageable age or whoever wants spectacle-free life can take expert opinion to improve quality of life. Also, girls or women with squints can undergo squint correction for enhancing cosmetic appeal.
I would also suggest minimal use of eye cosmetics and highly recommend ophthalmologically tested eye cosmetics use, along with the frequent changes of cosmetics.
Dryness of eyes is a major issue arising due to thyroid, digital eye strain, contact lens use, cosmetic use, eye surgeries,etc,Please use prescribed lubricating eye drops as advised regularly as you would use your moisturizer and body lotion.
Finally, I would say,” Hey Woman, you are precious, Take care of Yourself, Your Health, and Your Eyes as the present and future lies in your creative visionary.”

Dr Priti Deshpande
Anil Eye Hospital,


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