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In todays blog we are going to highlight a few frequently asked questions regarding cvs.

What is digital eyestrain ?

Digital eyestrain or computer vision syndrome is a group of eye and vision related problems that results from prolonged use of digital devices.
It also describes the inclusion of ocular, visual and musculoskeletal symptoms.

Which devices can lead to this condition?

Any device that causes stress to near vision like computers, tablets, e readers, cell phones The advent of digital era and work from home ,school from home culture has increased its magnitude.

Who are more vulnerable?

Men ,women are affected almost equally with almost 17% involvement in kids. Contact lens users are 30%more prone to it.

What are the symptoms?

Extraocular- Shoulder,neck pain,neck stiffness, headache and backache.
Visual- Blurred vision,double vision,presbyopia and slowness of focus change.
Eyestrain,Eyeache,Tired eyes,Sore eyes
ExternalBurning,dryness,redness,gritty sensation,tearing,irritation.
Factors contributing to Cvs
Refractive errors esp astigmatism
Squints, accomodation problems
Uncorrected presbyopia
Dry eye – an entity in itself caused by foll things.
1.incomplete eye closure
2.environment- air conditioner,dry air lens use
4.lid diseases
6.cosmetics over eyelids.

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