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computer vision syndrome

COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME In todays blog we are going to highlight a few frequently asked questions regarding cvs. What is digital eyestrain ? Digital eyestrain or computer vision syndrome is a group of eye and vision related problems that results from prolonged use of digital devices.It also describes the inclusion of ocular, visual and musculoskeletal […]

5 Myths Cleared About Cataract – Anil Eye Hospital

What Is Cataract? A cataract is a clouding or development of opacity in the natural intraocular crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is the one that focuses the light entering the eye into the retina so that we can see clearly. What are the symptoms of cataracts? In the initial stages of cataract, the symptoms are […]

Are your eyes summer ready ?

Are your eyes summer ready ? The onset of summer is marked with varied eye problems like burning, itching, dryness, to name a few. Allergic conjunctivitis needs emphasis as it’s a common seasonal problem affecting a variety of segments. From students to bike riders, teenagers to professionals engaged in work from home, allergic conjunctivitis brings […]

Tips For Women Eye Care

Tips For Women Eye Care Today on the occasion of women’s day, I would like to highlight a few universal eyecare aspects which are women-specific.Diet, exercise, self-care seldom find priority in a woman’s life. Yearly eye checkups must be an integral part of ones life to rule out refractive errors or any eye diseases. VitA […]

Visual Rehabilitation

Visual Rehabilitation It is a very broad term and encompasses all that takes to improve the quality of life of an individual .It includes following components: Low Vision Aids Low Vision Assistive technology Supportive management   1. Low Vision Aids: It includes aids that helps in: A) Central part e. near magnification for Close tasks […]

Low Vision

Low Vision Low vision is defined as irreversible visual impairment caused by eye disease which cannot be corrected or improved with regular eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery. It also includes loss of peripheral field of vision, reduced contrast sensitivity, increased glare or difficulty with daily activity. CAUSES: I) CONGENITAL: 1.Structural abnormality or abnormal development […]

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