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Frequently Asked Questions On Cataract Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions On Cataract Surgery 1. Is cataract found only in older people? Most cataracts are age-related- they happen because of normal changes in your eyes as you get old. But you can get cataracts for other reasons too-like after an eye injury or after surgery for another eye problem( like glaucoma, RD). Treatment […]

Tips for Eye Care – Anil Eye Hospital

Tips For eye Care Your eyes are an important part of your health. Most people rely on their eyes to see and make sense of the world around them. But some eye diseases can lead to vision loss, so it is important to identify and treat eye diseases as early as possible. You should get your eyes checked […]

Glaucoma Awareness – Know More About Glaucoma

1. WHAT IS GLAUCOMA?Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that can cause blindness. With all types of glaucoma, the nerve connecting the eye to the brain is damaged, usually due to high eye pressure 2. WHAT CAUSES GLAUCOMA?Glaucoma is typically caused by high pressure inside your eyes causing damage to the Optic Nerve. As […]

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