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5 Tips to avoid conjunctivitis during monsoon

5 Tips to avoid conjunctivitis during monsoon

Keep your eyes dirt-free Practice good hygiene Use protective eyewear The arrival of the monsoon season brings welcome reprieve from the sweltering heat, but it also heralds in an increase in the likelihood of conjunctivitis, more often known as “pink eye.” As a medical professional, we are aware of how essential it is to take […]

Eye care advice for professionals

Get Regular Eye Checkups Adhere to 20-20-20 Rule Take utmost care of your eyes Our eyes are constantly being bombarded by devices, artificial lighting and lengthy workdays in the fast-paced professional world of today. We appreciate the need of maintaining good eye health, especially for individuals leading hectic professional lives. Here are some essential pointers for maintaining good eye […]


Squint: Narrowing or partially shutting one’s eyes to improve vision or lessen glare. If you look at it like a detective, clues will become clear. Squint your eyes and see the world through a different lens Squint, also known as strabismus, is a common condition in which the eyes do not align properly.  What is […]

Lazy Eye

A childhood disorder that reduces vision in one eye. In a world of blurry sights, one eye seeks its brightest light Two eyes, one dream, but only one holds the gleam. Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a vision disorder that affects approximately 3% of children. It occurs when one eye is weaker than […]

Eye Allergies

Allergens cause the eyes to inflame, causing itching, redness, and discomfort. Eye allergies: The uninvited guests that cause itching battlegrounds. When allergies occur, the first thing that usually happens is that your eyes start watering and your skin starts itching. Eye allergies are a common problem in children, affecting up to 40% of children in […]

Retinopathy of Prematurity

ROP results from improper retinal blood vessel development. ROP can range from mild, spontaneous remission to severe, requiring laser treatment or surgery. Premature babies can develop ROP, a potentially blinding eye disease. Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a potentially serious eye condition that can affect premature infants, which when unchecked, can lead to blindness. In […]


Myopia blurs distant objects due to refractive error. Light focuses in front of the retina instead of on it in myopia. Myopia can be treated with glasses, contacts, or refractive surgery. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is a common refractive error that affects many people around the world. What is Myopia? Myopia is […]


COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME In todays blog we are going to highlight a few frequently asked questions regarding cvs. What is digital eyestrain ? Digital eyestrain or computer vision syndrome is a group of eye and vision related problems that results from prolonged use of digital devices.It also describes the inclusion of ocular, visual and musculoskeletal […]

5 Myths Cleared About Cataract – Anil Eye Hospital

What Is Cataract? A cataract is a clouding or development of opacity in the natural intraocular crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is the one that focuses the light entering the eye into the retina so that we can see clearly. What are the symptoms of cataracts? In the initial stages of cataract, the symptoms are […]

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